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Human Errors: Key in 74% of 2023 Breaches

The Costly Impact of Human Element in Cybersecurity

74% of security breaches are reported to have a human element, according to the Verizon 2023 data breach report. Considering an average thousand-person team has 10 team members, you donโ€™t want 990 employees in your team against you when fighting against security threats online.

Recent breaches like the one at MGM and MoveIT have shown that organizations need to systematically understand their human risk so they can take proactive steps to prevent human breaches. Instead of only relying on awareness training which is ineffective.

A survey by BlackBerry revealed that 51% of IT decision-makers believe there will be a successful cyberattack credited to ChatGPT within the year.

So, how safe is your organization against evolving online threats in 2023?

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