About Us

Anzenna: On A Mission To Democratize Cybersecurity

People are one of the biggest security challenges organizations face. 74% of breaches are due to humans, yet employee-focused security efforts are typically limited to tedious, ineffective annual trainings or occasional, punitive phishing simulations. We are here to change that!


Our Founders

We are lifelong security practitioners. Anzenna represents everything weโ€™ve learned about creating a culture of security

Ganesh Krishnan

Co-Founder and CEO

Ex-CISO at Yahoo!,
LinkedIn and Atlassian

Albert Yu

Co-Founder and CTO

Ex-Security Engineering lead at Yahoo!, Atlassian and Google

Our Investors & Advisors

We are fortunate to be backed by the best in the industry

Doug Merritt

CEO Aviatrix

Ex-CEO Splunk

Bhaskar Ghosh

Partner 8VC

Ex-LinkedIn, Yahoo!

Cory Scott

Ex-CISO Confluent