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Security risks from people within your organization, like employees or contractors, who can be malicious or simply make accidental or negligent mistakes.

68% of breaches are caused by external attackers exploiting insider vulnerabilities motivated by financial gains and political ideologies. Therefore, managing insider risk is one of the most important aspects of Cybersecurity. A comprehensive understanding of insider risk also allows you to prioritize your security program based on real breach risk.

Anzenna is a comprehensive agentless insider risk management (IRM) solution that deploys in minutes. Anzenna swiftly detects insider risks across heterogeneous systems, vulnerability points, attack vectors, employee roles and privileges. It assists in remedying these risks, preventing data leaks, and safeguarding administrators, executives and employees from cyber attacks.

Unified IRM (Detect, Disrupt and Deter Insider Risk)
Anzenna is your single tool to manage insider risk across the enterprise

Agentless Insider Risk Protection in minutes
Anzenna requires no agents to install or manage, reducing your time to value and internal resource commitment from months to minutes

Effective Threat detection
Anzenna unifies data across a whole bunch of heterogeneous systems to provide unique insights on insider vulnerabilities

Comprehensive Coverage
Anzenna helps manage insider risk comprehensively across SaaS, Data, Device, Identity, Phishing, Ransomware, Malware and even your custom events.

Employee and Team Risk Scores
Anzenna computes a risk score for every employee and team along with high severity vulnerabilities to remediate in order to reduce risk

Prioritized Insights without Alert Fatigue
Anzenna automatically prioritizes and surfaces the right insights so you can focus on what’s important without alert fatigue

Simplified SOC investigations and response
Anzenna simplifies SOC investigations by providing detailed insider activity based on their risk & roles. E.g. High Privilege, New Hires, Contractors, Departing, Departed, PIP.

Replace Existing Solutions
Anzenna eliminates the need for separate UBA, SaaS security and awareness training solutions.

Leverage Existing Investments without Dashboard Sprawl
Anzenna data is consumable into other systems like SIEMs or via API. Anzenna dashboards are also accessible by individual team leaders given hierarchical access control model

Intelligent configurability
Anzenna can be configured and personalized according to your business needs and associated risks

Automated Remediation workflows that deter insider risk
Anzenna provides No-code remediation workflows that can be used to contextually train employees or self-remediate vulnerabilities to deter insider risk

Happy Employees
Anzenna customers enjoy 85% 5-star reviews from employees for easy engagement workflows and no agents to slow down their devices.

Custom Coverage
Insiders risk applies not just to your IT tools but also your custom tools like support applications, production environments. Anzenna helps you understand risk for your own tools.

Modular Deployment
Anzenna allows you to start small and progressively add integrations to cover all your use cases

Numerous Integrations
25+ supported integrations and growing

Existing solutions primarily focus on insider threat as it relates to data sharing (i.e. malicious insiders exfiltrating data) whereas Anzenna solves for broader insider risk, which includes not just malicious insiders but also accidental and negligent insiders, who are constantly exploited by attackers and cause most significant breaches.
Existing solutions are agent based, which significantly increases operational complexity and cost. Anzenna is agentless, sets up in minutes and is significantly cheaper to operate.
Existing solutions are focussed on data sharing risks. Anzenna rapidly detects insider vulnerabilities across 15+ vectors such as Data, SaaS, Identity, Endpoint, Phishing etc.
Existing SIEM based approaches require you to aggregate and pay for data and keep up with detections as the threat landscape changes.

No. DLP primarily focuses on data classification and associated risks. However, insider risk is not only about data but about rapidly detecting insider vulnerabilities across 15+ vectors such as Data, SaaS, Identity, Endpoint, Phishing etc.

Anzenna agentlessly connects with SaaS tools, Security tools, SIEM and other IT systems, to provide comprehensive risk insights on employee activity and posture. It also assigns risk scores to individuals and teams, helping identify high-risk user populations. These scores can then be used to manage access and enhance security workflows along with very targeted employee engagement. Ultimately, Anzenna plays a vital role in detecting, deterring and disrupting insider risk.

Anzenna is agentless, sets up in minutes and is significantly cheaper to operate. You do not need to deploy and maintain an agent or spend time configuring the product. Anzenna automatically surfaces the right insights so you can focus on what’s most important without worrying about alert fatigue

No. Anzenna insights are consumable into a SIEM or via API. Anzenna dashboards are also accessible by individual teams outside security given its hierarchical access control model.

Anzenna can integrate with your SIEM to extract relevant insider data for deeper insights without causing alert fatigue. Anzenna can also publish its data into your SIEM so your SOC can consume it more easily without creating dashboard sprawl.

Anzenna integrates with existing DLP solutions to tap into already defined data classifications. Anzenna further enhances the value of your existing DLP/DRM solutions by allowing scalable resolutions of alerts using the Anzenna remediation module that allows users to self-remediate problems or request exceptions without burdening the SOC. This creates huge time saving and process efficiencies.

Yes. Since Anzenna unifies data across a whole bunch of different types of systems, it can join and chain relevant data to provide better insights and understanding of vulnerabilities.

Lots of blocks are not practical in terms of productivity for most businesses. It’s good to have the above controls if possible, but you still need visibility and risk assessment on things that are allowed, which is what Anzenna provides. E.g. MFA enabled organizations are getting breached using techniques like notification flooding. Moving to passkeys could be the next logical step, in which case attackers will move to session hijacking using malware and/or browser extensions. That’s where Anzenna gives you the risk visibility since you cannot prevent your employees from using apps.

  • Anzenna replaces existing UBA solutions
  • There is no need to purchase a separate SaaS security product if you have Anzenna. Anzenna provides visibility on SaaS issues like risky Oauth grants, commonly used SaaS apps, unused SaaS apps, visibility on Shadow IT etc.
  • Anzenna remediation framework can also replace your existing training solutions with approaches that are 8X+ more effective. Our customers have seen 85% employee 5 star reviews with the Anzenna training module that helps deter insider risk.

Anzenna does not introduce any new security or privacy concerns.

  • Anzenna has Read-only access to meta-data only
  • Anzenna access is revocable by the customer at any time
  • Anzenna is Microsoft 365 security certified which includes an independent compliance assessment and pentest by Microsoft
  • We welcome any questions you have about our security instructure so you can feel comfortable with our security practices.
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