Prevent Human Centered Breaches

Understand insider risk using a realtime score. Prioritize and remediate to prevent breaches.

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Get Ahead of Your Threats


Employees will acquire, modify or create tech outside the visibility of the IT teams*


Breaches include the human element through error, privilege misuse of stolen credentials or social engineering*


Average cost of a data breach in the United States*

*Sources: Gartner, Verizon DBIR and IBM Security 2023, respectively

Anzenna Protects Your Employees

Reduce insider risks and data theft using Anzenna

Unified Visibility

Anzenna seamlessly integrates with existing SaaS, security, and collaboration tools, providing a central hub for all employee security-related activities.

Comprehensive Risk Score

Anzenna computes an AI-based security risk score for every employee and team, taking into account a multitude of factors including behavior and access.

Empowered Remediation

Anzenna's AI platform automates remediation and empowers employees to directly execute security measures, expanding the security team to the entire company.

Capture Employee Insights across your organization

Prioritize and automate insider risk remediations based on your organization’s unique needs.


Reduction in Alerts

4 weeks

Saved in Manual Processes per workflow

Engage Your Employees

Leverage our platform to educate your employees, without slowing them down.


Increase In Employee Engagement


Completion rate in 24 hours

Anzenna User Security Posture Management

Identify & Prioritize High Risk Enterprise Users. Automate remediation to prevent breaches

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