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Anzenna Employee Cyber Engagement Platform

Anzenna empowers employees to remediate security issues themselves, maximizing awareness and hyperscaling your security efforts

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Unified Visibility

Anzenna seamlessly integrates with existing SaaS, security, and collaboration tools, providing a central hub for all security-related activities.

Contextual Engagement

Anzenna understands each employee’s unique security posture, and provides direct visibility, remediation, and training on Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Employee Empowerment

Anzenna's AI platform empowers employees to directly execute appropriate security measures, expanding the cybersecurity team to the entire company.

How are we different?

Our solutions help you stay ahead of the game, even with 100-500+ employees per security professional.

With 100-500+ employees for every security person, security teams are constantly struggling to keep up. The best way to scale your security approach is to bring employees along for the journey. Anzenna does exactly that, meeting all of your enablement, scale, and awareness training needs in one painless platform.

Use Cases

Remediate Data Security Risks

Many breaches are due to ineffective data handling. Anzenna provides a single view of data security risks. Security teams can then triage & set workflows to get employees to self-remediate with auto reminders and escalations for fast resolution

Reduce burden on your SOC team

Reduce detection to remediation time from weeks to minutes.

Change to Increase security bar of organization by over 80%

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Remediate SaaS Risks

The SaaS attack surface is ever expanding with employees using new apps daily. Anzenna provides comprehensive risk based visibility of SaaS apps. Security teams can triage & set workflows to get employees to remediate dangerous, unused or rarely used apps with contextual training, reducing risk & saving money

Fact: 75% of employees will acquire technology outside of ITs visibility by 2027, up from 41% currently (Source: Gartner )

Reduce detection to remediation time from weeks to minutes

Respond and monitor remediation while training employees

Increase security bar of organization by over 80%

Manage Security Vulnerabilities

Security teams have many vulnerability tools but struggle to prioritize and fix them. Anzenna integrates with Security and SaaS tools, providing a single risk view. It then engages issue owners with simple contextual fixes, documentation, and training, boosting efficiency and freeing teams for high-value tasks.

Fact: Average time to remediate security vulnerabilities is 250+ days

Reduce time to fix vulnerabilities from months to days

Respond and monitor remediation while training employees

Increase the overall security bar of the organization by more than 80%

Instant visibility into employee engagement and risk by departments

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Automate Compliance Training

Anzenna revolutionizes annual compliance training by delivering micro-learning on Slack & Teams through its powerful AI workflow engine. Vast content collection includes leading providers like social proof security & secure code warrior or, bring your own content.

Fact: 64% of employees do not pay full attention to cybersecurity training

Upto 80% more effective in terms of retention

Automated follow ups and escalations to get trainings completed

Improved employee CSAT

Anzenna Workflow API

Anzenna provides numerous integrations out of the box, and we are constantly adding more. However, if you have your own detections unique to your environment, use the powerful Anzenna workflow engine to engage employees and remediate in a consistent fashion, using our API and app

Reduce burden on your SOC team

Resolve high touch high volume issues with ease

Reduce detection to remediation time from weeks to minutes

Consistent delivery and engagement with employees

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