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Google Workspace


Anzenna hyper scales your cybersecurity program​

  • Security teams are drowning in alerts and cannot keep up. We directly surface high touch and high volume issues (e.g. DLP, IAM, SaaS) to employees and empower them to self resolve while providing contextual training.

  • Security is a daily threat so generic employee training once a year doesn’t cut it. We provide ongoing contextual training and replace your existing awareness solutions with a single platform.

  • We provide employees an intuitive interface in their existing workflow (Slack/MS Teams) and incentivize them to engage.

Installation: Connecting Google Workspace to Anzenna

This section explains the steps required to connect Google Workspace to Anzenna, and describe what Google workspace permissions we required the user to authorize.


1. Pre-requisite

Join our beta invite list (see and you will be allowed to access Anzenna. Once you are logged in, go through the following steps.​

2. Go to, then click on "Connect to Google Workspace"


This will prompt you to authorize Anzenna to fetch your data from Google Workspace.​

3. Click on "three services" to show the permissions being requested​

4. Review the permissions

Anzenna needs to access the following three permissions:

  • Audit report. This would allow us to analyze the Google drive permission sharing activity

  • Usage report. This would allow us to analyze the MFA enablement for the users in your workspace.

  • Information about users. This would allow us to build the organizational chart for the users in the workspace.​



5. Click on Continue

Now you are ready to use Anzenna to review your security posture.


Using Anzenna to review your security posture

This section explains how Anzenna use the user authorization from Google Workspace to build the various dashboards


1. Showing the organization chart

Go to and now you can see the data is used to render the organization chart for users in your workspace.


2. Showing OAuth Grants dashboard

Go to and now you can see what are the high or medium risk OAuth grants happened in your Google Workspace.​

3. Review Multi-factor authentication (MFA) usage


Go to and you can see the MFA usage of users in your Google workspac​e.

​4. Review Data Sharing


Go to and you can see the list of data sharing events to external parties from your Google Workspace

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