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Make every employee part of your security  program

82% of Cybersecurity breaches are caused by humans. The answer to this is not yearly compliance training but engaging employees in the context of their work.


Reinforced learning with remediation

We continuously model employee security posture and incentivize them to fix issues with contextual training. This approach makes employees and business units part of the security solution while easing the burden on your security team.

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AI-based attack simulations

79% of companies say cyber attacks are more sophisticated than ever. We do advanced simulations to keep your employees engaged and vigilant without making things punitive.

Contextual micro-learning

Outcome driven learning your employees will love while meeting compliance needs.


 Time to value in minutes!

Using Keycard
Security-aware employees
High leverage security team & SOC
Focusing at Work
Continuous compliance
Our vision

Turn every employee into the strongest link in cybersecurity

Our team

We are builders and security practitioners with decades of scars, but with empathy and a beginner mindset

Who are we
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