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Announcing Anzenna’s Microsoft 365 Compliance

Microsoft has rolled out an exciting data security and privacy program within the software industry, especially with startups like Anzenna. This initiative is called the “Microsoft 365 App Compliance program”, and signifies a significant leap forward in guaranteeing the protection and confidentiality of sensitive data in your startup journey and building higher levels of trust from day 1.


The mission of this program is to offer confidence to your customers as a software vendor that data security, privacy and protection systems are in place. Achieving this trust isn’t just a one-step process; it’s an evolving journey that starts with demonstrating a strong commitment to data security and privacy.

By acquiring the Microsoft 365 App Compliance Certification, startups can demonstrate their dedication to safeguarding sensitive information, assuring customers that their data is in reliable hands.

Our Experience with Microsoft

At the core of Microsoft 365’s app compliance certification is a robust foundation anchored in industry-leading standards such as ISO 27001 and SOC 2. This program rigorously evaluates applications, ensuring unwavering adherence to stringent security and compliance protocols.

Our engagement with Microsoft in pursuing the Microsoft 365 App Compliance Certification was profound and transformative. We are dedicated to upholding high-security standards, and this independent certification process helped us strengthen those standards even further.

Microsoft’s certification analysts expect a comprehensive review of documentation as part of the initial submission. This includes detailed information on our app, supporting infrastructure, and supporting documentation. By proactively providing this documentation, we aimed to streamline the assessment process and demonstrate a commitment to transparency.

Microsoft has established certain automatic fail criteria that demand special attention. This process extended beyond mere checklist completion; it was an evidence-driven endeavour where each assertion was substantiated with concrete proof. It necessitates a comprehensive presentation of evidence.

These include elements such as API permissions following the principle of least privilege, the provision of a penetration testing report when required, the presence of anti-malware defences, implementation of multi-factor authentication for administrative access, adherence to patching processes, and inclusion of a suitable GDPR privacy notice.

Along with the initial documents, we also submitted information on our web dependencies, Software Inventory and Hardware Inventory. Our app, infrastructure, and documentation were assessed across critical security domains, including Application Security, Operational Security, and Data Handling Security and Privacy. Each domain has specific key controls, and our task was to ensure our practices aligned with these controls.

The hands-on guidance provided by Microsoft’s team extended beyond generic instructions. More than just providing instructions, Microsoft’s team took on the role of guides, offering insights and advice that extended beyond the immediate requirements of compliance. Microsoft’s commitment to friendly guidance was a defining factor in our certification experience.

A distinctive advantage of our Microsoft 365 app compliance journey is the leadership role assumed by Microsoft, ensuring an independent and impartial auditing process. This external and independent perspective, coupled with Microsoft’s industry expertise, contributes to the objectivity of the process, assuring stakeholders and users that the certification decisions are driven solely by adherence to stringent criteria rather than internal considerations. Complementing our security measures was Microsoft’s complimentary third-party penetration testing, conducted by external experts. This rigorous testing involved simulated attacks to identify potential vulnerabilities, underscoring Microsoft’s commitment to providing startups with robust security measures without financial barriers.

The impact of Microsoft 365’s compliance program extends beyond internal operations; it serves as a pledge to our customers, emphasizing our unwavering commitment to safeguarding their data with utmost care and aligning with industry best practices. This certification is not merely a badge; it is a statement resonating with our customers, fostering trust and confidence in our ability to safeguard their data.

Looking Forward

Rather than viewing this certification as the end of the road, it serves as a springboard to propel us toward even greater heights. The experience and knowledge gained from the Microsoft 365 App Compliance Certification have set the stage for our future pursuits. We’ve recognized that this certification not only fortified our data security and privacy measures but also equipped us with the know-how to navigate the complex world of compliance standards.

As we look to 2024, our sights are firmly set on attaining industry-standard security certifications, with SOC2 Type 2 being a prominent goal on our security roadmap. The foundation laid during our journey with Microsoft 365 App Certification has made this much more achievable.

Armed with the insights, practices, and rigorous processes we’ve adopted, we’re confident that we can approach future certifications with a more streamlined and informed approach. The lessons learned from our initial security certification will serve as a valuable template, ensuring that our commitment to data protection remains unwavering and our path to certification excellence remains well-defined.


While compliance is undoubtedly a crucial aspect of any good security framework, it alone does not guarantee foolproof protection. The implementation of these security frameworks with the right security controls and independent assessments plays a pivotal role in this process.

Going beyond the checkbox mentality of compliance, these assessments provide a comprehensive and objective evaluation of an organization’s security posture. By engaging with a reputable entity like Microsoft for independent evaluations, startups can gain insights into their strengths and weaknesses from an unbiased perspective.

By taking the necessary steps, including the Microsoft Publisher Attestation and the comprehensive compliance certification, software startups can build trust, secure sensitive data, and establish themselves as reliable partners for enterprises and we recommend other startups to do the same!

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