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About us

Our vision is to turn every employee into the strongest link in cybersecurity


As security practitioners and leaders for decades at companies like LinkedIn, Google, Atlassian and Yahoo, our most memorable experiences have been the ones where we engaged the rest of the company to solve really hard security challenges. Even though security touches every single thing a company does, security teams solely carry its burden while the rest of the organization continues to experiment with new things that create more risk. We are here to change that by empathetically making security everyone’s job!

What excites us most about Anzenna is a chance to reinvent security. If we were to do it all over again, we would focus on people not just technology, culture not just compliance. When we look around, we don't see many tools that do that. Cloud transformation of the enterprise is leading to decentralization and the solution is not just mandates and control but empathy and empowerment. Security teams are completely outnumbered and we need every employee with us not against us to win, and that’s what motivates us to build Anzenna.

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